Those Who Love and Those Who Die

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The newest novel by Carlos Gelbert.

Don’t make shabby compromises with yourself! You won’t be happy, for there
is NO replacement for LOVE!

“Surely it would have been worse with that culprit,” he said, then kissed her ankles twice while his hands climbed higher, little by little until they reached her calves. She turned red with embarrassment and tried to move her legs away.
“You have really wonderful legs, lady,” he was fondling and kissing them now and she felt his moustache on her skin. “Your marvellous legs are formed evenly and equally like two smooth pillars, like those of Cinderella. Yes, I am sure of that, believe me, you might be a copy, a true copy of Cinderella herself. You do not know how happy I am now. I have discovered Cinderella in person; I have discovered you. I have the feeling of a man who has discovered something important. But let me first take a look at your face. You might have the pretty and splendid features of Cinderella too.”

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