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Our publications are designed to meet the needs of students and researchers, who are interested in Gnosticism, Mandaeism and ancient history as well as to provide the broad mass of the people with fictional literature and modern novels.

A Letter to my Son

“…. My parents were not the only ones who could not read or write. There were many people who had lived in the same condition. They did not know about their rights and what they should do in order to gain a lucrative job."

Ginza Rba

The Ginza Rba is divided into two parts – the Right Ginza, containing 18 books, and the Left Ginza, containing 3 books. The book, still mainly hand written, traditionally contains the Right Ginza on one side, and, when turned upside-down and back to front, contains the Left Ginza, this latter also called “The Book of the Dead.

The Teachings of the Mandaean John the Baptist

This edition is unique. The whole old manuscript is here at last! Go back with your thought to the seventh century of our era. Living Water Books is proud to present this super value book for you, as this translation is the first of its kind in English.

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