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The Mandaeans (Last Gnostics) and the Christians in the time of Jesus Christ


Mandaeans of the third century CE who have lived in Edessa side by side with Assyrians, Armenians, Jews and other nations used to connect the cult of Nebo-Orpheus with Jesus Christ who sent his beloved Apostle Thomas to the king Abgar of Edessa, to cure him miraculously. More significantly, the Ginza Rba identifies the famous musician and singer as Jesus of the Bible.

The Mandaeans (Last Gnostics) and the Christians in the time of Jesus Christ: Enemies from the First Days of the Church

This book is a challenge and contains a series of discoveries, materials, and facts, which are told for the first time. It is essential for understanding Ginza Rba, the Holy Book of the Mandaeans completely. This book shows how from the earliest outset Mandaeans dared to raise objections to the influences of Christianity, and how they remained determined to follow their own path until now.This book proves Gnosticism is older than Christianity.

Mark J. Lofts writes about this book:
“This pioneering approach along with the original findings revealed in this book makes it a must for any genuine researcher into the opaque foundational developments of ‘late Judaism’, Gnosticism and early Christianity.”

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